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Sick: A Memoir

In the tradition of Brain on Fire and Darkness Visible, an honest, beautifully rendered memoir of chronic illness, misdiagnosis, addiction, and the myth of full recovery that details author Porochista Khakpour's struggles with late-stage Lyme disease.For as long as writer Porochista Khakpour can remember, she has been sick. For most of that time, she didn't know why. All of her trips to the ER and her daily anguish, pain, and lethargy only ever resulted in one question: How could any one person be this sick? Several drug addictions, three major hospitalizations, and over $100,000 later, she finally had a diagnosis: late-stage Lyme disease. Sick is Khakpour's arduous, emotional journeyas a woman, a writer, and a lifelong sufferer of undiagnosed health problemsthrough the chronic illness that perpetually left her a victim of anxiety, living a life stymied by an unknown condition.Divided by settings, Khakpour guides the reader through her illness by way of the locations that changed her courseNew York, LA, New Mexico, and Germanyas she meditates on both the physical and psychological impacts of uncertainty, and the eventual challenge of accepting the diagnosis she had searched for over the course of her adult life. With candor and grace, she examines her subsequent struggles with mental illness, her addiction to the benzodiazepines prescribed by her psychiatrists, and her ever-deteriorating physical health. A story about survival, pain, and transformation, Sick is a candid, illuminating narrative of hope and uncertainty, boldly examining the deep impact of illness on one woman's life. ...

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Sick: A Memoir Reviews

  • Amy M

    while kind of interesting, it was self-indulgant and too focused on how 'odd' the author is. Its not really a story about Lyme, or even being sick really. I didn't feel the author showed how she was odd, she just kept saying it. I got pretty bored reading how weird she felt, but how normal she seemed.

  • Emily

    This is a difficult, frustrating read -- an an immensely brave one. I applaud Porochista's honesty and openness about her battle with Lyme disease and the horrific chain of events that has followed the onset of her illness. It is infuriating, but sadly not surprising, to see all of the ways she has been mistreated and misdiagnosed by the myriad medical professionals she has seen throughout her life. For anyone who struggles with constant, undiagnosed pain, for anyone who doesn't understand what ...more

  • Holly

    I expected to love this--it would be more accurate to say that I fully intended to love this--and then I didn't. One reason is that there are relatively few fully developed scenes incorporating the elements we expect from well executed narrative: realistic dialogue, character development, attention to detail, blah blah blah. Instead, we get SO MUCH SUMMARY. PAGES AND PAGES OF SUMMARY--of recreational drugs taken; of love affairs with men (even though there's a throw-away comment at the end about ...more

  • Julianne

    3.5 stars.

    It very much feels like a diary, the intimacy of which I can appreciate, but I also felt impatient with much of the book. There's lots of telling instead of showing, especially about anything not related to her illness, and the writing is not particularly literary. (Woe to anyone who has to follow up Edith Wharton, ugh.) And especially because I knew what Khakpour's ultimate diagnosis was, the repeated mentions of just how far the ultimate diagnosis was from her mind through the years

  • Susannah

    “I sometimes wonder if I would have been less sick if I had a home.”

  • Rebecca

    Thank you to the publisher (via Edelweiss) for a free advance e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

    This was a well-done memoir of one person's experience with chronic illness. Porochista Khakpour's experience with the medical profession and the long journey to diagnosis and correct treatment. Khakpour is honest in this book about her experiences with drugs, abusive relationships, mental health and other struggles that she had alongside her chronic illness. It's frightening to think how comm

  • Bekki

    all the people who had petty, bad reviews are crazy. this is a well-written and really interesting memoir about being chronically ill and navigating the unknowns of that illness. furthermore, it's hard to write about chronic illness, especially when you're actually suffering from it, so to do all that while being sick is impressive. i thought it was stylistically written well and different segments that didn't seem to be related were strung together nicely in the end. you don't need to like some ...more

  • Julie Ehlers

    Given that an official diagnosis doesn't come until 40 pages from the end, Sick is less a memoir about having Lyme disease than a memoir about having a mysterious illness that baffles doctors, results in a lot of inappropriate (and expensive) treatments, and is routinely viewed as purely psychological (an infuriatingly common scenario for women). For that reason alone, this book is valuable. Indeed, because of my interest in the topic, I broke my new resolution to avoid current memoirs in order ...more