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The Pisces

An original, imaginative, and hilarious debut novel about love, anxiety, and sea creatures, from the author of So Sad Today.Lucy has been writing her dissertation about Sappho for thirteen years when she and Jamie break up. After she hits rock bottom in Phoenix, her Los Angeles-based sister insists Lucy housesit for the summerher only tasks caring for a beloved diabetic dog and trying to learn to care for herself. Annikas home is a gorgeous glass cube atop Venice Beach, but Lucy can find no peace from her misery and anxietynot in her love addiction group therapy meetings, not in frequent Tinder meetups, not in Dominic the foxhounds easy affection, not in ruminating on the ancient Greeks. Yet everything changes when Lucy becomes entranced by an eerily attractive swimmer one night while sitting alone on the beach rocks.Whip-smart, neurotically funny, sexy, and above all, fearless, The Pisces is built on a premise both sirenic and incredibly realwhat happens when you think love will save you but are afraid it might also kill you....

Title : The Pisces
Author :
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ISBN : 9781524761554
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 270 pages
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The Pisces Reviews

  • Paul "Axl" Askew

    This is an exceptional book, and for me it is in so all the right ways.

    A funny, sad, thoughtful look at love and desire in their various aspects and extremities.

    I found it to be a phenomenal read.

    This will stay with me and I very much look forward to reading more by Melissa Broder.

  • Theresa

    Thank you, Penguin Random House for sending me "The Pisces" by Melissa Broder, in exchange for an honest review.

    Absolute insanity! Holy smokes - what a freaky little novel, and yet I was thoroughly entertained. I think this going to be one of those books that people will either really like, or really hate. I would've easily given "The Pisces" 5 stars, but I was turned off by a couple of sex scenes, (I won't tell you which ones) so I had to dock a star, unfortunately.

    I also think people might h

  • Hannah

    This is not a book for everyone, but it was very much a book for me. I was hooked from the very first page and could not stop thinking about this book in the breaks between reading it (I went on a 4-day hike in-between and would constantly mull over this book while walking). The book starts when Lucy has apparently already hit rock bottom: her boyfriend has left her, her thesis supervisors give her a deadline to finally finish writing the thesis on Sappho she has been working on for years (and i ...more

  • Rachel

    I want to make this clear for those of you who get recommendations off me: The Pisces is not my usual kind of book. Anything shelved as both fantasy and romance would ordinarily get an automatic pass from me. But this wonderful review from Hannah piqued my curiosity, so against my better judgment I decided to request it and leave it up to the Netgalley gods to see whether or not I'd read it. I was approved approximately 2 minutes later, so that was that.

    Thankfully, The Pisces was pretty incredib

  • Bruno Zogma

    Such profound understanding of emptiness, need, betrayal, transformation. The narrator pushes herself to her own limits: "If I died for him, it was kind of like him not texting me back on a cosmic level." Love is a thing with scales.

  • Jessica Sullivan

    I never knew merman erotica was what was missing in my life until I read The Pisces. If existential angst, ennui, and mythical sea creatures speak to you on a profound level of your being, you really won't want to miss this.

    Listless after her latest breakup, Lucy temporarily relocates to Venice Beach to dog-sit at her sister's beautiful home. There she attends group therapy for love addicts and attempts to cope with an ever-growing void of despair.

    After a series of humiliating sexual encounters,

  • Larry H

    "Did it take a mythological deformity to find a gorgeous man who was as needy as I was?"

    So, if you watched the film The Shape of Water and thought to yourself, "I wish I could find a sea creature to, well, you know," then Melissa Broder's new book, The Pisces , is for you. I didn't know there was such a thing as merman erotica, but here it is. (Seriously.)

    Lucy's life is falling to pieces. She's been working on her doctoral dissertation on Sappho for nine years, and she doesn't know what to do

  • Paquita Maria Sanchez


    *To a somewhat narrow group of people with a certain type of nihilistic humor, especially those who have, historically, had a penchant for oscillating between romantic flights of fancy and fickleness, but have been working on getting better, and who also happen to not be offended by some pretty coarse scenes, sexual and otherwise. Those who don't like this book will, oh boy, really not like it. To those who do? I see you.