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Twelve Steps to Normal

James Patterson presents this emotionally resonant novel that shows that while some broken things can't be put back exactly the way they were, they can be repaired and made even stronger.Kira's Twelve Steps To A Normal Life1. Accept Grams is gone.2. Learn to forgive Dad.3. Steal back ex-boyfriend from best friend...And somewhere between 1 and 12, realize that when your parent's an alcoholic, there's no such thing as "normal."When Kira's father enters rehab, she's forced to leave everything behind--her home, her best friends, her boyfriend...everything she loves. Now her father's sober (again) and Kira is returning home, determined to get her life back to normal...exactly as it was before she was sent away.But is that what Kira really wants?...

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Twelve Steps to Normal Reviews

  • Kelly Long

    I read an advance reading copy of this book. I'm not usually a fan of YA fiction but this book was a great debut novel for this author.

  • Nicole

    "Sometimes you have to take a step back. Let someone else help out." "You always have to forgive your own mistakes. Otherwise they'll eat you alive."- Twelve Steps to Normal by Farrah Penn

    Kira Seneca moved from Cedarville, TX to Portland, OR to live with her Aunt June when her father was at the Sober Living Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center. However, her father is being released from the rehab center and her aunt thinks it's best to return back home. Kira didn't expect her father to invite

  • Fafa's Book Corner

    Mini review:

    Trigger warning: Mention of substance abuse and death

    I saw this book on GR. Twelve Steps to Normal was available in my library and I decided to request a copy. While I wasn't really excited to read it I did go in with some expectations. Unfortunately I was disappointed.

    I'll start off with what I enjoyed. I loved reading about the other recoveree's! They were such nice and diverse people. In the sense that they had different experiences. Alex was a good love interest. Kira's friend'

  • Books and Guacamole

    This book deals with a heavy subject, but every chapter made me smile. The characters are easily lovable, and I often found my high school self in the pages despite not having gone through what Kira goes through. It will make you cry, but it will also make you swoon and remind you of the power and comfort of family, no matter what shape it comes in.

  • Melyssa Winchester

    Random book finds when I'm not even seriously on the hunt for them, are pretty much awesome.

    I read the blurb of this standing in the store, and it called to me. A young girl, growing up with an alcoholic parent. One that upon being returned to her home, has to not only navigate a new relationship with him, but also with the life she is walking back into that was left behind when her father went into long term treatment, was exactly what I didn't even realize I needed.

    I went into this story, hop

  • Read InAGarden

    too wordy and not emotionally connecting.

  • Sharon

    Twelve Steps to Normal shows the other side of addiction, that of the family who are directly affected by the actions of their loved one. Kira is a high school student, forced out of her home and school for almost a year after her father is taken to a treatment center. When her father, newly sober, is allowed to regain his life outside, Kira soon discovers how different everything can be. Forced to hide her living situation from her friends and angry with her father on so many levels, will Kira ...more

  • Meli

    Twelve Steps to Normal is a Ya Novel about a Young girl Name Kira. Kira's Father becomes an alcoholic after the loss of Kira's Grandmother. Eventually, Kira's father goes to rehab which rips Kira's life apart and causes her to have to move. Now the day has come where Kira father is out of rehab and is ready for her to move back in with him. Kira thinks finally she will have her old life back to normal, but once Kira returns home, not everything is the way it was before. Kira has a hard time deal ...more