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The Calculus of Change

A poignant and empowering teen novel of grief, unrequited love, and finding comfort in one's own skin.Aden isn't looking for love in her senior year. She's much more focused on things like getting a solo gig at Ike's and keeping her brother from illegal herbal recreation. But when Tate walks into Calculus class wearing a yarmulke and a grin, Aden's heart is gone in an instant. The two are swept up in a tantalizingly warm friendship, complete with long drives with epic soundtracks and deep talks about life, love, and spirituality. With Tate, Aden feels closer to her momand her mom's faiththan she has since her mother died years ago. Everyone elseeven Aden's brother and her best friendcan see their connection, but does Tate?Navigating uncertain romance and the crises of those she loves, Aden must decide how she chooses to see herself and how to honor her moms memory....

Title : The Calculus of Change
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The Calculus of Change Reviews

  • steph

    This is a different book then I expected it to be. From the synopsis I thought it was a cute, high school I-am-in-love-with-my-friend book. Instead, it's about Aden and her family/friends and the way she sees others and the way she sees herself. I wasn't sure how I felt about this book 40% of the way in, but I pushed through and it was worth it. The last few chapters are my favorite and I'm so glad that Aden finally let herself be Aden. So I would recommend this book only with a preface that som ...more

  • Mervilyn

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    There you go. If you’ve read the blurb, you’ll know the reason why I love it. Unrequited!!! The title can be quite misleading though. I was actually scared to start reading this (hence, the expired ebook) because of the word Calculus. It sounds too difficult and I sound too dumb. I’M TELLING YOU It is not all math-y! It’s not even math-y! I promise, the math will be buried after a few chapters and wi

  • Amber (Books of Amber)

    I don’t really have too much to say about this book because it failed to draw me in, which meant I ended up skimming most of it. My biggest issue with the book was that there was no draw for me. I just didn’t connect with the writing style, and I had no interest in the characters or the plot because of that.

    I also didn’t like the way the student/teacher relationship was dealt with in this book. The teacher wasn’t punished or fired or anything for what he did, in fact it was completely brushed ov

  • Jen Selinsky

    Aden has been missing her mother for over ten years. Her dad has been raising Aden and her younger brother since their mother’s death. Aden is now a senior in high school and struggles to remember the mother whom she hardly got to know. Aden also began tutoring one of her classmates, Tate, for whom she develops feelings. And though her love is unrequited, she can’t help but think that he is leading her on. Aden also struggles with her image; she wishes she could become thinner so that Tate will ...more

  • Rebecca

    Very good family/friendship relationship drama for fans of Sarah Dessen, Deb Caletti, etc. about falling in love with the wrong person and reconnecting broken families.

  • Morgan

    I'm between 2 and 3 stars, but I think I'm not the intended audience for the book (I'm a 36 year old mom, and I think this is for teenagers), so I'll give it the 3. (I read this because a friend of mine gave me her Advance Reading Copy.)

    It's an easy read that moves along quickly, but I think think the blurb on the back makes it seem much lighter than it's really going to be. There's much more focus on the protagonist's grief over the loss of a family member than there is on, say, her love of mat

  • Heather Ezell

    The Calculus of Change struck me with its sharp honesty, gorgeous prose, and how true it portrays the pains of growing up. It doesn't sugar coat and it doesn't hold back. Aden feels so familiar and I found both myself and my friends within her story.

  • Janette Lennon

    I was lucky to be passed an early copy of this one. Looked up the reviews here first and was intrigued. I read it in short bursts and felt amazed, sometimes frustrated. I often laughed out loud. Didn't know what to make of it but have decided it's genius. Definitely plenty of real life messy issues. PG-13. I would say I couldn't put the book down, but in reality I found myself closing it with my jaw dropped wondering how the author hit so close to home. I've been there just like Aden in too many ...more