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Havva'nın Üç Kızı

Peri, a wealthy Turkish housewife, is on her way to a dinner party at a seaside mansion in Istanbul when a beggar snatches her handbag. As she wrestles to get it back, a photograph falls to the groundan old polaroid of three young women and their university professor. A relic from a pastand a lovePeri had tried desperately to forget.The photograph takes Peri back to Oxford University, as an eighteen year old sent abroad for the first time. To her dazzling, rebellious Professor and his life-changing course on God. To her home with her two best friends, Shirin and Mona, and their arguments about Islam and femininity. And finally, to the scandal that tore them all apart....

Title : Havva'nın Üç Kızı
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Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 424 pages
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Havva'nın Üç Kızı Reviews

  • Ahmed

    لطالما عشقت أدب الحكايات، وعشقت كل حكاء وحكاءة استطاعوا أن يبوحوا بمكنون قلوبهم وعقولهم لينسجوا لنا حكايات خلابة تنقلنا لعوالم بديعة، وعندما تصف إليف شافاك نفسها تقول: إنها مجرد إمرأة تحكي الحكايات.

    الحكاية كما يجب أن تكون، جلسة تفريغ ذكريات مكثفة بعواطف متأججة وطريقة سرد صادقة بطريقة محببة للنفس جدا، تعود بنا لذكريات الطفولة الممتعة وجلسات الأصدقاء التي نخرج فيها كل ما في نفوسنا.

    بنات حواء الثلاث: فيض الذكريات المليء بحوادث و أحاديث الطفولة العذبة والمراهقة الثائرة والنضج النادم.

  • Michael

    This is a compelling tale of a woman, Peri (Nazperi), who gets shaken out of her stable, well-adjusted mode of upper-class living in contemporary Istanbul by a random mugging event and by the responses she surprises herself by making. Here’s the effective hook in the first sentence of the book:

    It was an ordinary spring day in Istanbul, a long and leaden afternoon like so many others, when she discovered, with a hollowness in her stomach, that she was capable of killing someone.

    She gets a lot of

  • Tuti

    loved this book! very intelligent, interesting and well-written on subjects of great actuality and also full of wisdom in its search for knowledge, for deeper understanding of what it is to be human, to be free. an excellent narrative and interesting, multilayered characters lead the reader through the fascinating story between istanbul and oxford, from the 1980s to present time, building up and coming together beautifully in a grand finale. highly recommended.

  • Tammy

    Peri, our central character, is a native of Istanbul who has a close relationship with her secular, hard drinking father and a tense relationship with her devout Muslim mother. The novel begins as the adult Peri makes her way to an ostentatious dinner party with her sullen teenage daughter. En route they have a dangerous and potentially deadly encounter that causes Peri to reflect upon what she is capable of doing. The rest of the novel alternates between the dinner party, Peri’s childhood and y ...more

  • Elyse


    Am I just allowed to SCREAM to the world how TOTALLY ENJOYABLE THIS BOOK WAS TO READ? It’s soooooooooo GOOOD!!!!!! It’s incredibly- I mean INCREDIBLY ENGAGING and THOUGHT-PROVOKING!!!

    It’s just SOSOSOSOSO GOOD.... I’m dying to move right into ‘discussion’.

    Grab a ‘buddy’ - friend - group - and read this book ‘with them so that you will have the pleasure to discuss it. My poor husband! I’m chewing his ears off.

    JUST READ THIS BOOK - don’t miss it! But, you want to know a few thin

  • Ömer
  • Eric Anderson

    It's deeply frightening and upsetting how politically divided society is at the moment. When different factions are so convinced about the certitude of their own ideas and beliefs conflict is inevitable. Religion continues to be at the centre of many battles, yet in her new novel Elif Shafak creates the character of A.Z.Azur, a controversial Oxford professor who encourages dialogue across religious belief systems as he believes that too many people suffer from what he calls “The Malady of Certai ...more

  • Mohamed Al

    قبل سنوات تعرفت، من خلال إحدى المشاريع التي كنت مشرفًا عليها، على فتاة غريبة الأطوار، وحدث أننا اجتمعنا في أحد المقاهي للاتفاق على خطة سير العمل، وكانت أمامنا كؤوسًا فارغة فوق المائدة، فقامت بقلبها مبررة ذلك بأنها تخشى أن يدخلها الغبار!

    ومن باب إسقاط الكلفة، قلت لها ممازحًا، عليك ألا تتحدثي إذن حتى لا يدخل في فمك الغبار أيضًا! توقعت أن يضحك الجميع على دعابتي السخيفة، ولكن عوضًا عن ذلك تلقيت ركلة قوية على ساقي من تحت الطاولة وجهها لي صديقي محاولاً إسكاتي. لاحقًا أخبرني هذا الصديق بأن الفتاة تقطن