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Han Solo (Star Wars: Limited Series)

Everyone's favorite scoundrel gets his very own series! Han is given a top-secret undercover mission for the Rebellion- rescuing a number of informants and spies. His cover for the assignment? Only the biggest and most infamous starship race in the galaxy! You know- the race Han has dreamt of winning his entire life. Will he keep his mind on the mission? And can he manage to pull it off while keeping the lead? Best-selling author Marjorie Liu (X-MEN) comes to the Galaxy Far, Far Away along with superstar cover artist Mark Brooks (ULTIMATE X-MEN) in his return to interior art! Face it, readers- there aren't enough scoundrels in your life!...

Title : Han Solo (Star Wars: Limited Series)
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ISBN : 9780785193210
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 120 pages
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Han Solo (Star Wars: Limited Series) Reviews

  • Amalia Dillin

    I honestly enjoyed this arc about Han Solo facing his qualms of conscience after ANH, and coming to terms with the kind of person he wants to be. I think it fit pretty perfectly between the films and showed off his scoundrel with a heart of gold side.

    It's not very deep, but I found it satisfying all the same.

  • Ivy

    5 stars

    Nice to see a comic featuring Han. Quite enjoyable.

    Can't wait to read more Star Wars comics!!!!

  • Sam Quixote

    Good Golly Miss Molly, Marvel is shitting the bed with their comics these days! Unfortunately the crap has now spread to its Star Wars line as well. You’d think a Han Solo comic would be a home-run but instead it’s one big yawner with a helluva convoluted plot that’s not worth trying to puzzle out.

    Like many of the new Marvel Star Wars comics, this one is set between A New Hope and Empire. Leia needs Han to pick up some Rebel informants in an Imperial system - they have important information the

  • Adam M

    Not all of the "We now own Star Wars and Marvel, let make them do things together. You're welcome, love Disney" books have been home runs. Most that I've read have been entertaining, a few have brought me back for more in the series. This is maybe my favorite yet.

    Han Solo does Han Solo-y things. He pilots the Millennium Falcon, he argues with Leia, he smuggles, he picks fights, you know, Han Solo-y things. Chewbacca is here and holds his own considering we can't understand him, yadda yadda yadd

  • HBalikov

    I enjoyed this compilation of recent comics, maybe a bit more than just 3 stars. It does justice to Han Solo in the period after A New Hope.

    Does it advance the narrative of the original Episode 4-6 trilogy? Not much. Is the plot substantial? A bit thin.

    Solo is backing away from the Rebels and trying to get back to smuggling. It isn't working for him and when The Princess reaches out he kind of agrees to help get back some "moles" who were deep in The Empire's organization. They will be at vario

  • Renata

    This was like basically Fast in the Furious in space and I was pretty into it. It's prob a 3-star comic but I'm awarding a bonus star for the panel of Leia punching Han in the face.

  • Michael Finocchiaro

    Great artwork, fun story and cool aliens. A very entertaining episode - can't wait for the Han Solo mini-movie. I wonder if they will draw the plot from this mini-series. Definitely worthwhile!

  • Cale

    While the story's a bit convoluted and messy (Han gets entered into a dangerous race as part of an undercover Rebel mission), it serves up some intense action and interesting characters. And it's wrapped up in beautifully rendered and colored artwork. There's a surprising amount of introspection as Solo has to balance his personal goals and moral code with the goals of the rebel agents he is interacting with. And at least one of the fellow racers is a fascinating creation who serves as a bit of ...more