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Dread Nation (Dread Nation #1)

Jane McKeene was born two days before the dead began to walk the battlefields of Gettysburg and Chancellorsvillederailing the War Between the States and changing America forever. In this new nation, safety for all depends on the work of a few, and laws like the Native and Negro Reeducation Act require certain children attend combat schools to learn to put down the dead. But there are also opportunitiesand Jane is studying to become an Attendant, trained in both weaponry and etiquette to protect the well-to-do. Its a chance for a better life for Negro girls like Jane. After all, not even being the daughter of a wealthy white Southern woman could save her from societys expectations.But thats not a life Jane wants. Almost finished with her education at Miss Prestons School of Combat in Baltimore, Jane is set on returning to her Kentucky home and doesnt pay much mind to the politics of the eastern cities, with their talk of returning America to the glory of its days before the dead rose. But when families around Baltimore County begin to go missing, Jane is caught in the middle of a conspiracy, one that finds her in a desperate fight for her life against some powerful enemies. And the restless dead, it would seem, are the least of her problems....

Title : Dread Nation (Dread Nation #1)
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ISBN : 9780062570604
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Dread Nation (Dread Nation #1) Reviews

  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies

    The worst thing about this book is that I mentally read it with a Southern drawl. It is unbelievably annoying.

    Most of the time, I go into a book with certain expectations. "I'm going to love this book" "Oh, this sounds just awful" so on and so forth. I have to admit, the premise didn't sound that great to me. Zombies are boring. Civil-war era America (even after a zombie apocalypse) doesn't sound terribly awesome either. So I have to admit I started this book with a whole lot of skepticism, and

    An Attendant’s job is simple: keep her charge from being killed by the dead, and her virtue from being compromised by potential suitors. It is a task easier said than done.
    There is a lot more action than I expected. The mystery is interesting. Jane herself is kind of bitchy (which I hated at first) but that is reined in by her self-awareness. She recognizes her own biases and tries to reason with herself. She is an incredibly strong, confident character.

    And speaking of biases, Katherine another girl at the finishing school, who is initially Jane's rival. She is beautiful, a golden-haired, light-eyed black girl who can "pass" as white. I really liked the way Jane and Katherine's relationship develops.

    The mystery is compelling. The friendship well-build. The romance believable and barely noticeable. This was a really fun read, besides the Southern accent in which I read it. DAMMIT. ...more

  • Kaylin (The Hiatus Queen)

    3 Stars

    "It's a cruel, cruel world. And the people are the worst part."

    I just want to preface this review by saying I think this book is extremely important. It's historical fiction with zombies, sure, but it also centers on a very strong, biracial woman. I can't speak for the representation as a whole, but I will say I loved how unapologetic Jane is.

    Taking place in an alternate US where zombies rose up during the Civil War, this takes a long hard look at institutionalized racism. Jane is a st ...more

  • Camryn

    THIS IS SO FREAKING GOOD. SERIOUSLY. I don't even like zombies, but this was impossible to put down. The action scenes were great and Jane is so badass that you just want to keep hearing about her fight. There are love interests and lots of surprises and twists and turns. I love the relationship between Kate and Jane a TON, but also all of the themes that this explored. There were awesome characters and a great story and basically I need everyone to read it. I want it to be a movie.

    Also, I need

  • Dawn Abron


    The year is 1880 and slavery has kind of ended in the traditional sense but blacks and native Americans are now forced to enter combat schools to learn how to fight zombies.

    Our main character is Jane who is a sassy bi-racial zombie killing machine that takes no shits from anyone. This book has all the fixin’s, Katherine a snooty student who is passing as white, Jackson a sexy hustler/sexual harasser, a racist sheriff, and a corrupt mayor. Our trio lives and trains in Baltimore and their only

  • Chris

    First off, before anything else, if you called yourself a feminist and don’t see this cover and go ‘gimme’ you are not a true feminist. Woman, that cover. Whoever designed it – props. Major props and hopefully a large raise.

    I first noticed this title last year because of the cover. It popped up on my GR feed. I don’t normally read much in the way of zombie titles –for a variety of reasons – but this looked awesome, though for some reason I thought the main character was going to West Point or

  • Shaun Hutchinson

    Absolutely stunning. This will absolutely be one of my top 5 favorite books of the year.

  • Heidi Heilig

    This is what i'm envisioning after every zombie slay.

  • Zoraida

    This book is fucking badass. Yes, there are zombies, but there are also young girls trying their damndest to survive in a world that doesn't want them.

    This book is just as important as The Hate U Give and Dear Martin. We like to romanticize the past and the old west, but need constant reminders about the ways that things haven't changed at all. It's an examination of America, old and new, and the idea that perhaps humanity is worse than a plague of zombies.

    Jane is someone I want to see slay the