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A Merciful Death (Mercy Kilpatrick #1)

FBI special agent Mercy Kilpatrick has been waiting her whole life for disaster to strike. A prepper since childhood, Mercy grew up living off the landand off the gridin rural Eagles Nest, Oregon. Until a shocking tragedy tore her family apart and forced her to leave home. Now a predator known as the cave man is targeting the survivalists in her hometown, murdering them in their homes, stealing huge numbers of weapons, and creating federal suspicion of a possible domestic terrorism event. But the crime scene details are eerily familiar to an unsolved mystery from Mercys past.Sent by the FBI to assist local law enforcement, Mercy returns to Eagles Nest to face the family who shunned her while maintaining the facade of a law-abiding citizen. There, she meets police chief Truman Daly, whose uncle was the cave mans latest victim. He sees the survivalist side of her that she desperately tries to hide, but if she lets him get close enough to learn her secret, she might not survive the fallout...

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A Merciful Death (Mercy Kilpatrick #1) Reviews

  • Diane

    TEOTWAWKI - Or Doomsday Preppers! This book takes place in Oregan and concerns all the "Preppers" and the extremes they go to prepare themselves for the end of the world as they know it! Mercy Kilpatrick is an FBI agent and a member of one of the main families in the area - a shunned member that is. Although the preparedness has been instilled in Mercy, she was banished from her family when she was 18 and made her way to Portland to survive on her own and become an FBI agent.

    Somebody is killing

  • Book Him Danno

    I was worried that A Merciful Death would end up being just like all Kendra Elliot and while it is very similar at the same time it is different.

    Mercy isn't the perfect Federal Agent but she works hard to cover up her past. She is strong, fights for the right and believes in those she loves. Kendra Elliot gave readers a person who isn't damaged but struggles between the way she was raised and how she wants to live her life.

    Kendra created characters who have flaws, are imperfect but are trying to

  • RachelW (BamaGal)

    I like this author; and this was a good beginning to the series. I had put off reading it for the longest because I wasn’t sure about the prepper storyline. The twist I was expecting throughout the book didn’t happen until near the end; and didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I did get a little pissy when the strong female FBI agent blithely revealed a serious 15 year old secret to a virtual stranger just because she was attracted to him and he was nice. Seriously?

    The book was a soli

  • Ian

  • Kirsten

    A community of doomsday preppers, conspiracy theorists, and evangelical patriarchists near Bend, Oregon? Not for me! A mystery/thriller/romantic suspense novel set in such a location? Yes, please!

    Mercy is a compelling character and I love her romantic interest, Truman Daly. Though, I would've thought there would've been more killings/attacks in such a community. (Especially, as soon as FBI agents came to town!)

    I will definitely read more. I want to see more of Mercy, Truman, and Mercy's family.

  • Barbara

    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.

    Eagle's Nest, Oregon contains a large community of preppers - people who stock up on food, water, wood, medical supplies, equipment, guns, and so on. They plan to to be ready for a catastrophe, which they call 'the end of the world as we know it.' As the book opens someone has killed two preppers and stolen their weapons.

    Sheriff Truman Daly, the nephew of a prepper victim, is determined to find his uncle's killer and calls in the FBI. The Portland office s

  • Anita

    Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.

    The Kendra Elliot books I've read have all been suspense with the emphasis on building a realistic romance. "A Merciful Death" is no different. Somehow you just know, from the first pages, that a book is going to be good. This book is good. It's refreshing to have a H/h who don't fall into insta love/lust on first sight. This romance unfolds gradually, and the main characters g

  • ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎

    Good start

    Mercy returns back to her home town as an FBI agent to work on a crime but when she gets there the crime seems to mimic an old crime that happened when she was in her teens. The only problem is Mercy hasn't been back since she left home when she was 18 years old and her siblings have a secret so she will have to confront them. Things start to come together and there are other things start to come out as well will this ruin what Mercy has build? Well you would need to read it to find ou