Read Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative by Danielle Krysa Online

Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative

This book is duct tape for the mouth of every artist's inner critic. Silencing that stifling voice once and for all, this salve for creatives introduces ten truths they must face in order to defeat self-doubt. Each encouraging chapter deconstructs a pivotal moment on the path to successfear of the blank page, the dangers of jealousy, sharing work with othersand explains how to navigate roadblock. Packed with helpful anecdotes, thoughts from successful creatives, and practical exercises gleaned from Danielle Krysa's years of working with professional and aspiring artistsplus riotously apt illustrations from art world darling Martha Richthis book arms readers with the most essential tool for their toolbox: the confidence they need to get down to business and make good work....

Title : Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative
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ISBN : 9781452148441
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 136 pages
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Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative Reviews

  • Ingrid

    I really needed to read this right now, and I feel a bit emotional now.

  • Taryn

    A succinct guide to owning your creativity and overcoming negative thoughts. The ten chapters focus on a variety of common creative hurdles: finding inspiration, conquering self-doubt, ending the excuses, handling jealousy, dealing with critics, beginning again after failure, building a support system, and beating creative block. It's filled with tips, anecdotes from professionals, exercises to spark your creativity, inspiring quotes, and whimsical illustrations.

    “Don’t think about making art, ju

  • Morpheyy

    Everybody who ever feels insecure about their abilities or their art should read this book, and be empowered to call yourself an artist! It's a breezy read, thin, wide margins, full of vibrant drawings. I finished it in double-quick time, but re-read most of the chapters to take chunks of notes. It's that helpful. A must-read, especially if you think you're "not creative" (chapter 1 will take care of you immediately)!

  • Adrean Messmer

    Some of the best advice I've ever read.

  • Heidi The Hippie Reader

    A quirky little book about how to inspire your own creativity and how to use your inner negative voice to its best advantage. Martha Rich's art elevates what is actually rather simple text, but, on a more positive note, it is a quick read for those who may be short on time.

    I couldn't help but draw similarities between this book and Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best, which I read last week. Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk deals with the sensitive parts of the creative process and breakin

  • Terese

    Short, simple and to the poin!

    Got it as an Audible deal and really enjoyed it. It made me feel like I need to stop making excuses and start getting creative again! (so many excuses)

    It's very short and personable, it provides some examples and tips for how to get started and is overall quite charming. If you want to kick start your creativity but not spend days on reading a book about it, I'd definitely recommend this one. I thought the author read version was great.

    (If you read a lot of these bo

  • Vernon Burt

    Got this in an audible sale and thought it might provide a nice perk to some rough spots I've been in recently. The 'advice', is roughly the same vein as telling depressed people to 'cheer up' and poor people to 'get money'. The author cheerfuly just tells you to power through your current inadequacies by assuming you aren't inadequate after all. Almost all the advice boiled down to 'if you feel you are terrible at art, create more art'. It's not harmful advice, but it certainly isn't terribly h ...more

  • Tabaurelie

    I give it 5 stars not because I agreed with every single piece of advice and every idea the author had (I didn’t), but because it succeeded in its goal: it made me more confident in my creative work, and it made me pick up the pen and stop “making excuses.” It felt like an encouraging, nagging friend who won’t let you hide behind excuses. For anyone who’s new at creating or struggles with it because of their “inner critic,” I definitely recommend this quick and easy read.