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For overprotective parent Alyson Ward, any time her daughter, Lyla, is out of sight is reason to panic. So its a big step for her when she lets Lyla attend a sleepover at her cousins house. Comforted by the knowledge that her sister, Tricia, is the chaperone, Alyson does the one thing she never thought possible: she lets go and trusts that her daughter will be safe.But Alysons sense of peace is short lived. When Lyla comes home the next morning, she reveals something that could tear apart not only their family but also the entire community. Now, Alyson and Tricia must confront their painful shared past as they come together to help a little girl who they fear might be harboring terrible secrets similar to their own. Will the sisters be strong enough to face their demons in order to protect the child, even if it means telling their most private truths?...

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The Word Game Reviews

  • Petra

    In The Word Game, Steena Holmes tackles the difficult subject of child abuse. She does this in a sensitive and tasteful manner. Told from multiple points of view, the reader gets an emotional insight into how one extended family copes with the initial suspicion, the doubt, the worries, the loyalties right through to the aftermath. The family dynamics and the relationships between mother, sisters and daughters were described very well, and the portrayal of the characters as well as their dialogue ...more

  • Angie Dokos

    It’s a good story. It’s just missing something for me. I didn’t really feel the connection with the characters. I couldn’t believe some of the reactions some of the characters had to some of the situations. And adding the German talk didn’t really add anything to the story like I think the author intended. I didn’t dislike the book, I just didn’t love it.

  • Dorie

    I had never read a book by Steena Holmes before but several of my Goodreads friends recommended this one. As I looked through her other books I realize that she writes about difficult and sometimes sensitive subjects that can be very hard to do.

    In The Word Game the subject we are introduced to is child sexual abuse. We first meet Alyson Ward whose daughter Lyla has just been allowed on her first sleep over. Alyson has some things in her past that have caused her to keep a very tight rein on Lyla

  • Lynn Mccarthy

    Alyson Ward is a mum a very protective mum.

    One night she allows her daughter Lyla to have a sleepover at Alyson's sisters house with her daughters friends and cousins a first for Lyla.When Lyla comes home in the morning Alyson asks her all about it and what she tells her mum has the potential to tear her family and friends apart.

    There are strained relationships in Alyson's family especially between her and her mum something has happened in her family that has effected all there lives and made Al

  • Martha

    WOW is all I can say for now! I'm going to sleep on it before writing my review. Steena Holmes you definitely have a winner here!!

    Without giving away the storyline I must say that Steena has written quite a different story from her others. It seemed more like a mystery and took me on a whirlwind ride trying to figure out what was going on. Finally realizing near the end of the book that consequences from childhood made the family dynamics and emotions of the main characters who they were and why

  • Shannon

    I was able to read this book through NetGalley. It's never easy to read about sexual abuse and molestation, and it's much worse when children are involved. That is exactly what this novel deals with as its major plot point. The Word Game is the first time I've ever read anything by this author, Steena Holmes, and already, I'm excited to read more of her work! She has a gift for being a natural storyteller, and for choosing words that flow smoothly as they coax out the subtle details of the novel ...more

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    Ever read a book that took the breath from you?

    That's what this book did to me. I started it this afternoon and I couldn't put it down. I wanted to leave it. I wanted to walk away from it. I paced the floor. I drank way too much coffee. I mumbled cuss words under my breath.

    And I read every word.

    This story is told from the points of view of four different women.

    You have Alyson-she is a helicopter mom. She wants the very best for her ten year old daughter Lyla, from running to all the dance lesso

  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)

    The Word Game is a profoundly moving and disturbing book in the subject matter that it tackles, but in our day and age this book is not so far away from the reality that poisons children everywhere. It's highly addictive reading, well written and stirred many deep emotions in me. I could not put this one down.

    For overprotective parent Alyson Ward, any time her daughter, Lyla, is out of sight is reason to panic. So it’s a big step for her when she lets Lyla attend a sleepover at her cousin’s hous