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The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story

An extraordinary insight into life under one of the worlds most ruthless and secretive dictatorships and the story of one womans terrifying struggle to avoid capture/repatriation and guide her family to freedom.As a child growing up in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee was one of millions trapped by a secretive and brutal totalitarian regime. Her home on the border with China gave her some exposure to the world beyond the confines of the Hermit Kingdom and, as the famine of the 1990s struck, she began to wonder, question and to realise that she had been brainwashed her entire life. Given the repression, poverty and starvation she witnessed surely her country could not be, as she had been told the best on the planet?Aged seventeen, she decided to escape North Korea. She could not have imagined that it would be twelve years before she was reunited with her family.She could not return, since rumours of her escape were spreading, and she and her family could incur the punishments of the government authorities involving imprisonment, torture, and possible public execution. Hyeonseo instead remained in China and rapidly learned Chinese in an effort to adapt and survive. Twelve years and two lifetimes later, she would return to the North Korean border in a daring mission to spirit her mother and brother to South Korea, on one of the most arduous, costly and dangerous journeys imaginable.This is the unique story not only of Hyeonseos escape from the darkness into the light, but also of her coming of age, education and the resolve she found to rebuild her life not once, but twice first in China, then in South Korea. Strong, brave and eloquent, this memoir is a triumph of her remarkable spirit....

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The Girl with Seven Names A North Korean Defector s Story Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least letters Use up arrow for mozilla firefox browser alt up arrow and down arrow for mozilla firefox browser Review The Girl With Seven Names, by Hyeonseo Lee, Books Review The Girl With Seven Names, by Hyeonseo Lee, with David John North Korean defector s life on the run The Girl With Seven Names Summary Study Guide The Girl With Seven Names Summary Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and . What life is like in North Korea explained by defector North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee is the author of The Girl With Seven Names, which tells the story of what her life in North Korea was really like. North Korea Defector Hyeonseo Lee Interview Time Freedom, Sanctions and North Korean Ice Cream QA With Defector Hyeonseo Lee Hyeonseo Lee on life in North Korea Business Insider North Korean defector and author of The Girl With Seven Names Hyeonseo Lee explains what life was really like living in the country until she fled at the age of Has North Korean Tyrant s wife secretly given The Sun KIM S THE DADDY Crackpot North Korean dictator Kim Jong un could be father to baby son destined to rule the bizarre nation North Korea Wikipedia North Korea, officially the Democratic People s Republic of Korea abbreviated as DPRK, DPR Korea or Korea DPR , is a country in East Asia constituting the northern Thousands of North Korean women taken to China as Thousands of North Korean women lured to China with the promise of jobs and freedom only to be sold as brides to farmers for as little as , International News Latest World News, Videos Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and See world news photos and videos at ABCNews

The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story Reviews

  • Dem

    What an interesting story and its so hard to believe that in this day and age that a whole nation of 25.5 Million people could be so cut off from the rest of the world and its leader could controll and dictate everything about peoples lives from birth to death.

    I had read a couple of books on North Korea over the years and came across The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story and another book which I felt were both worth reading.

    This book is easy to read and Hyeonseo Lee is certa

  • abby

    By the time she turned 29, Hyeonseo Lee had spent a decade living on the run and in hiding. She had escaped a brothel, survived a kidnapping, run away from a loveless engagement, and changed her name four times. She was attacked on the street, robbed, conned, and arrested more than once.

    She is one of the lucky ones.

    Hyeonseo Lee was born in North Korea under a different name, to a family with good songbun (NK's caste system). But even being one of the lucky ones in North Korea means that Lee witn

  • Lauren

    Hyeonseo Lee grew up carefully cleaning picture frames for weekly inspections by government officials in white linen gloves. In her classroom and at her mother’s job, weekly meetings were conducted in which everyone in attendance had to confess their guilt about something and accuse others of the same. The leaders of her country were made heroes in fairy tales told by her kindergarten teachers. Those who did not cry enough when Kim Il-Sung died mysteriously disappeared. Even living on the border ...more

  • Andrew

    North Korea memoirs are always difficult. The stories of escape aren't yet so common as to be mundane (though perhaps we should hope for the day they are) but they're difficult to put into great prose.

    Hyeonseo Lee tells of a remarkable upbringing in that reclusive country, although in her border town people seem to cross into China and back with surprising ease. Her escape story and life in China testifies to her grit and intelligence. And the story of how she adopted seven different names in he

  • Diane

    What a fascinating look inside a place so shrouded in secrecy. I've watched a couple of documentaries about North Korea on Netflix, and was shocked by the extent of indoctrination and how isolated the North Korean people are from knowledge of the world beyond their borders. This is the story of a young girl who had it pretty good in North Korea, comparatively speaking [the ludicrousness of that statement is illustrated by the fate of her father], but was starting to have some doubts and question ...more

  • Sharon Metcalf

    The Girl with Seven Names: Escape From North Korea by Hyeonseo Lee is what reading is all about for me. Learning something of the world, of the lives of others and gaining an appreciation for just how fortunate I am to have been born in this time and place with the freedoms and luxuries often taken for granted. Hyonseo Lee's memoir tells of the complete ideological indoctrination of the North Korean people. She detailed the way the brainwashing begins from the time of their birth and never lets

    " truth there is no dividing line between cruel leaders and oppressed citizens. The Kims rule by making everyone complicit in a brutal system, implicating all, from the highest to the lowest, blurring morals so that no one is blameless........Ordinary people are made persecutors, denouncers, thieves. They use the fear flowing from the top to win some advantage, or to survive."

    At the age of 17 Hyeonseo escaped North Korea but her battle did not end there. It was not until she finally managed the defect to South Korea almost ten years later than she was able to experience anything remotely like freedom, and even then she was not willing to relax until she had also assisted her mother and brother to freedom. Theirs was a completely foreign world to mine and I cannot begin to imagine experiencing all they endured. Time and again Hyeonseo Lee and her family put their lives at risk, were at the mercy of con men, brokers, corrupt police and other officials expecting to be bribed whether to turn a blind eye or to ease their paths to freedom.

    I am often bewildered about why the people of places like North Korea remain loyal to tyrannical governments and Hyonseo explained it this way "North Koreans who have never left don't think critically because they have no point of comparison - with previous governments, different policies, or with other societies in the outside world."

    I can only admire this young lady who has not only written this book but who also testified at the first United Nations Commission of Enquiry on human rights in North Korea, and was invited to do a TED talk. A very informative and worthy read. ...more

  • Nancy

  • Apratim Mukherjee

    This is the first time I read a North Korean defector's story.I had read about the oppressive regime but the book is an eye opener of all sorts.Though written like a thriller novel,the book tells a lot of suffering that the North Koreans go through in their perilous journey during their defection.The treatment of these defectors in China is a matter of concern for the international community.

    The book deserves 4 stars ...1 deduction for too much propaganda material in the beginning and sensationa