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An Absent Mind, a riveting new novel from Eric Rill, author of Pinnacle of Deceit and The Innocent Traitor, is about a race against time. The ticking time bomb is Saul Reimer's sanity. His Alzheimer's is going to be the catalyst that will either bring his family together or tear it apart. Although An Absent Mind depicts Saul's arduous struggle with Alzheimer's, it is equally a story about his relationship with his loved ones and their shared journey. Seventy-one, and a man used to controlling those around him, Saul finds himself helplessly slipping into the abyss in what he describes as his slow dance with death. As we listen in on his ramblings, humor, emotions, lucid moments, and confusion, we are also privy to the thoughts and feelings his family share with us-his wife, Monique, conflicted and depressed; caring, yet angry; his daughter, Florence, compassionate, worried about her father's health, yet proper and reserved; his son, Joey, self-centered and narcissistic, seemingly distant from his family's challenges. And Dr. Tremblay, Saul's Alzheimer's specialist, who provides the reader with facts and observations about this dreaded disease that imprisons more than 35 million people worldwide. We know from the beginning how it has to end for Saul, because no one has ever outsmarted Alzheimer's. But how will he navigate the meandering road that will eventually destroy his health and result in his death? And how will it affect those around him as they live with strain and guilt, while at the same time being forced to face their own demons? These questions are answered expertly by the author as he explores the conflicts that rise to the surface as the family deals with Saul's dementia. Eric Rill's novel is reminiscent of Lisa Genova's Still Alice, Nicholas Sparks The Notebook, and Alice Munro's Away From Her. Although a beautiful work of literary fiction, An Absent Mind will expose the reader to the reality of Alzheimer's....

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An Absent Mind Reviews

  • Elyse

    I want to scream to the world..."YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK"!

    I dare people to take longer than two sittings to finish. You can't put it down!!! I believe this is one of those books that is best not to say 'too much'.

    It takes a BRAVE person to read it though!!

    Its impossible to exaggerate the importance of this novel. Its wonderfully written --vividly descriptive --deeply emotionally felt.

    For those who've read "Still Alice", by Lisa Genova ... (another phenomenal book ), "An Absent Mind" goes

  • Gina

    Many reviewers have compared this to Lisa Genova's book "Still Alice" but I don't think they are even in the same ballpark! Genova's story is much better. I think I remember that there was a little hype about this book but it just wasn't that good at all! This book is told from multiple viewpoints, Saul, his wife Monique, his daughter Francine, his son Joey, and every now and then a chapter by Saul's doctor for some clinical explanations of Alzheimer's. It reads very fast. I didn't connect with ...more

  • Karen

    Comparable to, or even surpassed, Still Alice.

  • Lisa

    I have to say, I really loved this book. I work in geriatrics with people of various stages of dementia, and I cannot say how accurate this portrayal is of a family dealing with the course of Alzheimer's. I have seen every person represented in this book...the person tragically suffering the disease, the devoted spouse going through the disease along side of their partner as well as the detached child that rarely comes in to the devoted child doing what little bit they can to make their parent's ...more

  • Dolly Anderson

    A story dealing with the subject of Alzheimer's is no easy task, and Eric Rill dealt with it in a smart and humanly fashion. There was wit, compassion, told in a very open frank way. Each character although seemingly flawed still held their own sense of dignity.

    There were moments of laugh out loud laughter and of tears while reading this novel. Many moments of which I related to from my own experiences when dealing with loved ones during the final phases of their lives.

    Although this may be the

  • Renee

    I have a dear friend who was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Eric Rill does a wonderful job of bringing this up close and personal. The book is narrated by five people, Monique, the wife, Saul, the Alzheimer's patient, Florence, the daughter, Joey the son, and Dr. Trembley.

    I have gained a much greater understanding of the disease and how it effects the family and friends. It's as if each narrator is a friend and drops by for a cup of coffee and a visit, sharing how they feel and what they feel

  • George


    "It's all unravelling."—page 117

    Just why a septuagenarian might choose to read a book about Alzheimer's still eludes me. Could the choice, itself, be a symptom? Or, perhaps—putting a brighter face on it—just a celebration of capacity, curiosity, compassion and wonder?

    To lose one's mind—your source of identity—has to be among the very scariest of things to contemplate, ever. One of just many, though, that vouchsafe that great title of Art Linkletter's ex

  • Blanca M. Harrison

    Masterful storytelling, wrenching story

    This is a page turner. So relatable because most all of us readers have family and all of us experience the same events, either joyous or grievous, differently within that family.

    This book gives voice to each member of a family going thru the slow goodbye to the father, who is stricken with Alzheimer's.

    Whilst turning pages my mind reeled at the turn of events that would have death be welcomed.

    This family struggled with everything but financial devastation,