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I Love to Keep My Room Clean

Free video-book inside! I Love to Keep My Room Clean (children's book) (Bedtime stories children's books collection) Kids are masters of mess-making, especially in their rooms! How can you teach them to take care of their playthings and to keep things tidy? This childrens book can motivate the kids to take responsibility and keep their room organized. Follow along as little bunny Jimmy and his brothers learn their lesson in this picture book. They learn to work together, clean up their room, and organize their toys. Once they finish, they finally have room for more fun and understand how important it is to keep their room clean. This book is the part of the collection of short bedtime stories for children. This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well! The gorgeous pictures will captivate your kids' hearts, and they will love to read this childrens book over and over again. It is suitable as a read-aloud book for preschoolers at bedtime or a self-read book for older children. Scroll up and buy this childrens book now. Your children will love going back to this picture book again and again....

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I Love to Keep My Room Clean Reviews

  • Leah

    Simple book. My son read it once and didn't want to pick it again.

  • Barbara Ann

    The author targets this book for children ages three to seven. Simple plot centers on three bunny brothers and how they spend a Saturday morning. Their mom tells them she will be visiting granny; they will be staying home with dad. Then she gives them a list of suggestions as to how to spend the day, asking only that they clean their room before she returns. She elicits a promise to comply, and leaves a special dessert for them. Of course the three bunnies procrastinate in cleaning, thinking the ...more

  • Danessa Violette

    More than just a book!

    This exciting book offers multiple advantages for the kids and the narrating parent! I'm going to list them in no particular order.

    1. & 2. My five year old son loves this book, and he wants to keep his room clean!

    3. This children's book has an important lesson that the children love to help reveal! It's written in a crafty manner that children enjoy discovering. The book continues its charming craftsmanship with its admirable characters.

    4. We enjoy the exciting experien

  • Amita Sehrawat

    Great colorful book to understand importance of cleaning

    The kiddo loved it. He could so relate to the mess and time to clean-up... Hope he starts cleaning more often...

  • rebecca howell

    This is a great book I read it to my grandchildren they loved it

  • Stacie Wyatt

    i love to keep my room clean

    i wanted this book to help teach my kids how to help clean around the house. The rabbits in the book had to learn to have fun and still clean up behind themselves. My kids need to learn the same thing. I thought the book was cute. The graphics were adorable and it taught a lesson.

  • Jessica Adams

    When I told my daughters the title of the book, both of them groaned at me. Why? Because, kids don't like to clean their rooms. Sure, parents and caregivers can help kids make a game out of cleaning their rooms, but it usually still takes effort. Anyway, my kids agreed to listen to the story so we read it as a bedtime story. We did think the title should be changed to something different to avoid other children not wanting to read the story.

    We don't really know many kids who actually like to cle

  • Nevaeh Miles

    I liked the book

    I liked it because now my kids clean their room and I am so so thankful for this book thank you