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God: A Story of Revelation

Deepak Chopra, whose extraordinary Enlightenment series includes the phenomenal New York Times bestsellers Buddha and Jesus, delivers the most powerful installment yet: God. In this beautiful and thought-provoking teaching novel--a Story of Revelation--one of the Western World's acknowledged master teachers of Eastern philosophy and preeminent influencers in the realm of spirituality and religion reveals the evolving nature of God. Here is truth and enlightenment for the next generation of spiritual seekers; a book Deepak Chopra's millions of fans worldwide have been waiting for....

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God: A Story of Revelation Reviews

  • Fadillah

    This is truly amazing read. It brought different contemplation and interpretation one could have in their belief and faith. God himself is different in everybody's mind is what i can sum it up from the book. Deepak has this peculiar way of attracting people to join him in the tale of finding God especially via perspective of the historical figures featured in the book. I never heard some of the names featured here in the book but I'm glad i know now after i finished this book.

  • Kathryn

    I love to read. I love to read so much, in fact, that I had some initial qualms about having a book read to me via audio CD. As I began to listen, however, Deepak Chopra's delivery style edged away any previous doubt. The story is riveting. Chopra examines the lives and culture of ten unique historical figures ranging from prophets to saints. In doing so a powerful, evolving picture of God emerges showing that beliefs, concepts and spirituality have undergone changes throughout the centuries. I ...more

  • David

    Interesting book, but didn't quite understand it completely. Some of the stories were hard to follow. The author is well versed in Eastern philosphies

  • Bev

    I really enjoy Deepak's writings, but I struggled connecting with this book on the same level as the past books I've read-not sure why.

  • Barbara

    Stories from all major religions help me understand that all ask the same questions. Now with neuroscience and physics & quantum physics, the questions may change but the answers appear to remain the same. It's wonderful to have an author who explores these topics engaging readers in the personal stories and yet exploring the meaning for persons of this time in space.

  • Jackie St Hilaire

    Interesting stories from prophets, sages and saints throughout the ages who have enlightened the way.

    Read by the author Deepak Chopra giving us a more realistic understanding of the stories.

  • S.Ach

    I can't understand all of Deepak Chopra's tweets.

    But, being regarded as modern master of eastern philosophy and the link between science and religion, Deepak Chopra can't be ignored.

    Hence, I picked up this book - a first for me from the author.

    The book tries to interpret God with the help of 10 much revered historical figures and their iconoclastic stand that withstood time. The tales were wonderfully woven to keep the reader glued. The concluding summaries or 'revealing the vision' as the autho

  • Yaaresse

    I really wasn't sure whether to put this in my fiction or non-fiction shelves. Probably belongs in fiction, but....

    Disclaimer: I have mixed feelings about Chopra. He often has interesting ideas that can spur the kind of late-night debates that require a good bottle of wine or two, but the whole superstar guru with the exclusive retreat and high dollar lifestyle...well, color me skeptical as to his sincerity. The guy's out to make a buck. But then, who isn't?

    I picked this book up at the library,