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Through the Woods

'It came from the woods. Most strange things do.'Five mysterious, spine-tingling stories follow journeys into (and out of?) the eerie abyss.These chilling tales spring from the macabre imagination of acclaimed and award-winning comic creator Emily Carroll.Come take a walk in the woods and see what awaits you there... ...

Title : Through the Woods
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ISBN : 9781442465954
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 208 pages
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Through the Woods Reviews

  • Stacey (prettybooks)

    I was in a bit of a reading slump (it happens to all of us!) and wanted super quick read to get me back into the reading spirit. I picked up one of the graphic novels I bought recently, Through the Woods, and read it in my garden in one sitting, lazing about in the sunshine. As it happens, it was the perfect juxtaposition. I couldn't have handled reading Through the Woods in the winter – it's chilling!

    Through the Woods delivers five beautifully dark stories written and illustrated by the very ta

  • Patrick

    This book freaked my shit out.

    Yeah. How's that for a blurb?

    "This freaked my shit out."

    - Patrick Rothfuss

    The truth is, this book is amazing. I've read a lot of great comics this last year, and out of all of them, this is the one that had the most profound emotional effect on me.

    It's not gory, or graphic. It's... unsettling. It's creepy. It's like the darkest of the old-school faerie tales.

    I read it at night before I was going to go to bed. And when I was done, I was too unnerved to go to slee

  • Whitney Atkinson

    This is my favorite art out of any graphic novel i've ever read! Although sometimes I was confused during this, I loved how I was so creeped out that I was nervous to turn the page. Honestly I would highly recommend this graphic novel because it's so neat. I thought I wouldn't like it because it's individual short stories, but I was wrong!

  • Lola

    Goosebumps. Full of them. Reading this horror filled graphic novel during night-time turned out to be a terrifying idea. Yet, I couldn’t stop reading. It was captivating. I don’t think I’ve even noted a single thing of my environment while reading it; there was only the book and I.

    There were five short stories in this book. All of them contained a spooky or completely frightening plot that will keep you on the edge. The author also managed to include suspense in the atmosphere. However scary th

  • karen

    if i were judging this book solely on its artwork, it would be an easy five stars. there are five main stories, plus an introduction and a conclusion, each with their own style of illustration. it's not that i love them all equally, but i do generally appreciate range and variety :

    in a way, it kind of reminded me of fear(s) of the dark, a film in which several different illustrators bring their own brand of creepy to life through unique animation stylings:

    this book is obviously more limit

  • Anastasia

    5/5 stars

    Discover a terrifying world in the woods in this collection of five hauntingly beautiful graphic stories.

    These are fairy tales gone seriously wrong, where you can travel to “Our Neighbor’s House”—though coming back might be a problem. Or find yourself a young bride in a house that holds a terrible secret in “A Lady’s Hands Are Cold.” You might try to figure out what is haunting “My Friend Janna,” or discover that your brother’s fiancée may not be what she seems in “The Nesting Pla

  • Sam Quixote

    I’m looking through a window at some trees in the early evening, the trees becoming darker and darker, and I feel something despite myself - the DNA starts moving, remembering a time when the darkness of the trees meant danger. Emily Carroll plays off of those primal fears in the folkish horror stories of Through the Woods, which also warns “It came from the woods. Most strange things do.”

    The first story, Our Neighbor’s House, loosely riffs on Red Riding Hood as a trio of sisters are left by the

  • Ariel

    This is one of the CREEPIEST most BEAUTIFUL most MYSTICAL most TERRIFYING things I have EVER READ.

    That's really all I can say. Go read this. It's utterly enchanting.

    The artwork is magnificent. MAGNIFICENT. Every page was a marvel. And the stories are so entertaining and keep you so intrigued, and are so intense. And it's scary. Oh my god it's terrifying. One of the creepiest books I've ever read, but in a good way.

    My favourite story was "Our Neighbours House" but they were ALL GOOD.