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Kathryn Hughes new ebook The Letter offers readers a chance to absorb themselves in the lives of two women, born decades apart but whose lives share a number of parallels. The novel explores two historical strands, bringing together an abused housewife from the 1970s and a young girl from the early 1940s in a story of love, loss and unexpected consequences.The Letter follows the life of Tina in the 1970s who seeks respite from her abusive marriage by volunteering at a charity shop. One day, while sorting through the pockets of a second-hand suit, she comes across an old letter. It is still firmly sealed and un-franked. Unable to resist the pull of curiosity, Tina opens the letter. It was written on 4th September 1939. She is so moved by the contents and bemused as to why the letter was never delivered, she embarks on a quest to find out what became of the writer and his intended recipient.The mystery of how this love letter ended up in Tinas hands is also uncovered through Billys story from the early 1940s. He writes a letter that will change his life forever, unaware that it will not be read for another 34 years, and then by a complete stranger.With a swift pace, memorable characters and a wonderful conceptual depth, Hughes novel is one that simply cant be put down....

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The Letter Reviews

  • Lindsay - Traveling Sister

    4 stars. This was an easy, enjoyable read. While the writing style was very simple, there are some heavy topics covered within this story - domestic violence, rape, a young mother forced to give up her baby. Though I found the author's writing to be quite basic, there was something about the book and the characters that were very likeable for me. My heart broke a few times throughout the novel, but I also had a heartwarming sense of closure at the end.

  • Lucia

    U ovoj se knjizi isprepliću poglavlja o životima dviju žena, jedne iz 70-ih godina prošlog stoljeća i jedne sa samog početka Drugog svjetskog rata.

    Prvo upoznajemo Tinu Craig, odanu suprugu i veliku radnicu koja osim što radi od jutra do mraka, vikendom volontira u trgovini rabljenom robom. Tina se skriva iz tog silnog posla kako bi što manje bila kod kuće sa svojim suprugom zlostavljačem. Tina ih uzdržava jer je Rick nezaposlen pa vrijeme provodi kod kuće kladeći se i svakodnevno opijajući. Tina


    Το Γράμμα είναι ένα ρομαντικό ιστορικό μυθιστόρημα που εκτείνεται σε τρεις γενιές, και όπως και οι περισσότερες ιστορίες αγάπης μας αφηγείται για την αγάπη που χάθηκε και την αγάπη που βρέθηκε, εξαιτίας μιας επιστολής που δεν έφτασε στην ώρα της στον παραλήπτη γιατί δεν ταχυδρομήθηκε ποτέ.

    Είναι η ιστορία δυο γυναικών, που τους χωρίζει μόνο μια γενιά, αλλά έχουν πολλά κοινά στη ζωή τους, και με τον τρόπο γραφής της η συγγραφέας προκαλεί το ενδιαφέρον του αναγνώστη για να ανακαλύψει πως ο χρόνος κ

  • Paula Sealey

    In the 1970's, while searching through the pockets of a suit bought into the charity shop she works at, Tina discovers a heartfelt letter written in the 1940's by Billy, outlining his love for someone named Chrissie. The letter has a stamp affixed, but was never posted and Tina sets out to find the intended recipient and hand the letter over. Suffering from abuse in her marriage, she sees it as a little escape from her situation, but soon finds herself in terrible danger because of it. The story ...more

  • Lisa

    A touching intricately woven tale of love, loss, survival and joy.


    Two women, who were born decades apart, lives are intricately woven to create a story of friendship, love and the kindness of strangers that can make a world of difference in a life. Chrissie Skinner lives in Manchester England in the late 1930s. She lives with her controlling parents and in order not to bring shame on the family she is ultimately forced to move to Tipperary, Ireland to live with an aunt.

    Tina Craig lives

  • Clare Flynn

    The premise of finding an unposted 30 year old letter in a suit pocket in a charity shop was a very good one - but oh dear the story was stretched out.

    The book was over-reliant on coincidences. It also stretched The limits of credibility that Chrissy lived for 30 years within 5 miles of the convent, blissfully unaware that of the fact that Grace, who had befriended her in the convent, lived just down the road. In fact nobody appeared to know anybody – something very hard to believe in rural Ire

  • Vincent

    Having struggled through Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch, a book that took me almost three weeks to read, I was looking for something light to read over the Christmas. The name Kathryn Hughes caught my attention because I have a niece who spells her name the same way, with a K and a Y. When I read in the acknowledgements that her husband's name is Robert Hughes, my nephew's name, I smiled at the coincidence and decided to give the book a read. Of course, the coincidences didn't stop there. It is a b ...more

  • Aleksandra

    Jedno slučajno pronađeno pismo promijenit će život nesretne Tine, koja trpi zlostavljanje svog nasilnog muža. Priča koja se krije iza tog kratkog pisma razotrit će bolne i potresne tajne, patnju, ali i ljubav koju su nekada davno, pred sam početak Drugog svjetskog rata, proživjeli ljudi koje Tina sada želi pronaći. Potraga za rješenjem zagonetke pisma nastalog prije tridesetak godina će se pokazati nimalo lakim zadatkom, Tina će proživjeti najteže trenutke svog života, ali će ta očajnička potrag ...more