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Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line

The back must slave to feed the belly. . . . In this urgent and unique book, chef Michael Gibney uses twenty-four hours to animate the intricate camaraderie and culinary choreography in an upscale New York restaurant kitchen. Here readers will find all the details, in rapid-fire succession, of what it takes to deliver an exceptional plate of foodthe journey to excellence by way of exhaustion.Told in second-person narrative, Sous Chef is an immersive, adrenaline-fueled run that offers a fly-on-the-wall perspective on the food service industry, allowing readers to briefly inhabit the hidden world behind the kitchen doors, in real time. This exhilarating account provides regular diners and food enthusiasts alike a detailed insiders perspective, while offering fledgling professional cooks an honest picture of what the future holds, ultimately giving voice to the hard work and dedication around which chefs have built their careers.In a kitchen where the highest standards are upheld and one misstep can result in disaster, Sous Chef conjures a greater appreciation for the thought, care, and focus that go into creating memorable and delicious fare. With grit, wit, and remarkable prose, Michael Gibney renders a beautiful and raw account of this demanding and sometimes overlooked profession, offering a nuanced perspective on the craft and art of food and service....

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Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line Reviews

  • Kats

    Food is often on my mind. I just love it. I don't always enjoy preparing it, even though prior to having children, "cooking" used to feature on my CV under "Hobbies & Interests". Now it's mostly a blooming chore. For the last few weeks I've been cooking at least four meals a day, two for my children and my better half, and two for me as I've been on a very limited detox diet, not suitable for children (or skinny men). As a result, my life has revolved around food shopping, chopping, cooking, ...more

  • First Second Books

    This book is a fascinatingly constructed nonfiction narrative -- instead of the personal and emotional memoir, or the action-packed nonfiction personal narrative, it tells the story of the life of the chef through the eyes of the everyman (or every-chef, as it may be) going about a day of ordinary business.

    It's like the grown-up version of Busy Town, Busy People!

  • Philip P.

    What a fun read! Received an advanced copy and am so glad I did. Having always dreamed of being a chef, this book truly gives you a "you are there" feeling. Perhaps this is because it's told in the second person. Now, second person can be very tedious and/or awkward, but not so in this book. Gibney writes well in this second person voice, something very very few can pull off, IMO. Gibney does it masterfully.

    Another testimony to Gibney's great writing: this book is almost sheer information/descri

  • Gina *loves sunshine*

    I listened to this on audio and thought that added to the experience!! I love food, I love cooking, chopping, serving, and I love planning menus. I also love eating at restaurants that cook and make everything from real food...from scratch!! does one classify this kind of restaurant to the fast food, chain restaurant eating masses??? because I say this would be behind the scenes at a real food restaurant..but most people would look at me funny like doesn't every restaurant serve real fo ...more

  • Diane

    Parts of this book were so intense I felt like I was hunkered down in a restaurant kitchen with dozens of orders during a massive dinner rush.

    Sous Chef describes 24 hours in the life of a cook in an elite New York City restaurant. The book starts on a Friday morning, with the crew spending the day prepping for dinner service, and then the pressurized hours on the line from when dinner service starts at 5pm through the exhaustive "second seating" at 8pm, and then the final meal tickets after 10pm

  • Sheila

    One day in the life of a sous chef, second in command in the kitchen. I enjoyed learning about his work. It is hard work and not one I would want to live. Whenever he went from the first person to the second person I felt a disconnect in the story. I would have rather seen everything through his eyes instead of him trying to have me see it through my eyes as if I were the sous chef. When he told his story I was very interested.

  • Perri

    We following our narrator's 24 hour whirlwind experience in an upscale restaurant. I learned it might be good to arrive ahead of the crush to receive optimal attention to your meal. I learned a lot of fancy french words like my new favorite soigne (swan-ya) from the verb Soigner meaning tended to, looked after, cared for. In the kitchen, basically the strive for perfection-first quality ingredients, prepared with the best technique and served beautifully... to every guest. I learned about the hi ...more

  • Sean

    Let's get this out of the way: I'm a food nerd. I've worked in restaurants, I had a subscription to Gourmet magazine for a decade (RIP),I love to cook at home, I consider Mark Bittman one of my idols and I unabashedly love every cooking reality show (even the bad ones like "The Taste" and "Master Chef". Don't judge me.) So when I saw this title pop up on Amazon's new releases, I had to bite, as it were.

    Sous Chef follows 24 hours in the life of a New York City sous chef. Author Michael Gibney, on